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Acceleration Programs

We scout, select and invest in innovation-based and high-growth potential startups. We support them through capital investments and tailored acceleration programs involving young talents.

The initiative applies international best practices around the support of new business initiatives by providing professional skills and financial resources to make them take off quickly.

We pair high growth potential startups to business angels willing to effectively support the founders in the development of their initiative by investing financial resources (also thanks to the co-investment of Fondazione Marche that can quadruple the total investment) management skills and strategic vision.

In particular, on one hand, we look for early-stage startups in any sector but already on the market and, on the other hand, former managers or entrepreneurs with at least 10 years of experience in successful companies and/or holding positions of high responsibility.

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Business Angel Partner

AC75SA operates startup acceleration programs focused on industries that are strategic to the Italian economy. Each program engages successfully proven international accelerators, corporates adopting open-innovation strategies and research centers specializing in the technologies startups work on.

The Next Age Acceleration Program is the first of its kind and already ongoing. It is the first acceleration program on the Silver Economy in Europe that sees AC75SA co-investing together with CDP Venture Capital and the international accelerator SOSV being the technical partner. Startups will be supported by the leading banking group in Italy Intesa Sanpaolo as Main Partner and the leading geriatric research hospital in Italy INRCA, the UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing and UNIVPM local university as Scientific Partners. The program accelerates 10 startups each year for 3 years, all of which receive an initial investment of 102,000€. The top startups might benefit from an aggregate amount of up to €1,800,000 for a second investment and up to €4,500,000 for a third investment.

The first call for application is ending the 31st of May.

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Next Age Acceleration Program

We scout teams with research ideas and skills aimed at creating university spin-offs with high potential on the market.

The aim of the program is to provide pre-seed funding and managerial support also involving opinion leaders such as those from ISSNAF, a network that gathers Italian researchers and innovators working in North American universities and research centers.

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Spin-Off Launch: from Lab to Market

We search and select young people to nurture a local and dedicated community of entrepreneurial spirits.

We steer and accelerate their professional growth by involving them in the management and growth activities of the startups that participate in our programs, in particular the Next Age Acceleration Program, the first accelerator in Europe on the Silver Economy that sees us co-investors together with CDP Venture Capital.

At the end of such experience, the members of our community will be able to plan and build with more awareness their future, launching their own startups or joining one of our portfolios.

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Immersive Talent Program


AC75 Startup Accelerator

We are a startup accelerator in the heart of Marche region and our aim is to innovate in a radical way. We start from the research and selection of talents, skills and know-how of the people from our region to develop, together with them, the next generation of managers and companies.

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It is AC75 STARTUP ACCELERATOR first and main investor. They promote the regeneration and growth of the Marche region industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystem. They have always encouraged startup projects, taking into account the beneficial effects on youth employment.

In fact, Fondazione Marche has involved more than 6500 young people in entrepreneurail training activities and launched over 150 startups since 2001 through eCapital, the first business plan competition in Italy. Fondazione Marche has also invested in some of the most successful startups in Italy since their inception.


AC75 STARTUP ACCELERATOR mission is "accelerating to fly", an ambitious challenge inspired by AC75, a revolutionary sailing yacht that is able with the sole force of the wind to speed up and to rise and fly on the water; a vision that has become reality thanks to investments in talented teams and technological innovations.

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